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We utilize advanced 3D rendering technology in our design process to help you visualize your project before construction begins. This tech-aided approach ensures precision, satisfaction, and assists in making informed decisions about design choices.
Here's how you can transform your project into your favorite space of the house:
Add detailed interior design elements
Include Different Lighting Scenarios
Incorporate Different Color Schemes
Add Detailed Landscaping Features
Include A Variety Of Furniture Styles
Show Different Layouts For Rooms
Incorporate A Variety Of Textures And Finishes
Add Custom Architectural Features
Include Different Perspectives And Angles
Show Different Times Of Day And Lighting Conditions

How The Process Works

You deserve a remodel that reflects your individuality that is practical and useful for all the family gatherings you plan. We will assist you in making it a reality quickly, affordably, and painlessly.

Contact us

Phone Consultation


Get in touch with us to share your vision for your project. We’ll ask for some pictures to better understand your goals, and we’ll schedule an in-home consultation to talk about your project in person.

In-Home Consultation


During the in-home consultation, we will determine how to best utilize your project area in order to maximize every available square inch.

Design & Installation


We will assist you in selecting colors, finishes, and appliances, and once the contract is signed, we will schedule your project and get to work.

Fall In Love With Your Project


Celebrate all of life's milestones with your loved ones in a kitchen that accommodates everyone, looks wonderful, and makes your life easier.

Project Map

Pre-Project Steps

Initial Phone Call

It's our first opportunity to understand your vision, needs, and expectations for the project.

Initial Consultation

_We move to a one-on-one consultation, where we understand your dreams and ideas for the project. This discussion helps us understand your style, desired functionality, and the overall scope of work. We'll discuss your budget and timeline to ensure we're on the same page.

Data Collection

Gather necessary information such as blueprints, material preferences, etc.

Project Steps

Model Creation

Create a 3D model of the project using specialized software.

Material & Lighting

Apply textures, materials, and lighting to the model for realism.


Produce a preliminary render for the client to review.


Make any requested changes to the design or materials. We ask that you write down all your revisions and present them together.

Final Render

Create the final 3D render, incorporating all agreed changes.

Post-Project Steps


Present the final 3D render to the client, discussing the project in detail.

Project Start

This is when we beginning transitioning your vision into reality.

At each stage, our goal is to provide an enjoyable, stress-free experience. With our dedicated team overseeing all aspects, you can look forward to a beautifully finished project that feels like home.

Visual Design Tools

3D Scanning of Existing Home

Measure rooms in seconds, entire homes in minutes, and create as-built drawings and CAD models in one tap, with a LiDAR-enabled camera.

We utilize your 3D scans to generate editable, professional-grade CAD formats like SketchUp, Revit, Chief Architect, 2020 Design Live, and AutoCAD, as well as 2D drawings in PDF format.

Houzz Pro 3D
Design Spaces

Dream up every piece of furniture and specific finishes for your home project with the Houzz Pro 3D Floor Planner. Customizing cabinets and countertops to testing out different finishes and appliances, there isn't much this handy floor planner tool doesn't do.

Houzz Pro Mobile App VR Experience

Learn how to use the new Life-Sized Walkthrough, saving time and confusion with your builder as you can easily design in real time.

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Design Ideas


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Step into Your Future Home, Before It's Built